Friday, July 21, 2017

My Best Poems

     Hello my freaks and geeks, my name is Ella and I'm secretly a romanic sap who cried when I watched Inside Out. There, now you know. Today I'll be sharing my best poems from my poetry "collection" (which you can read on my figment) called "Paint Splatters". I never wrote poetry until this year seriously. Of course, I did write your token ego adolescent poems, but lets not dwell on that for long. I'll also be sharing a little bit of my thought processing behind each poem, to add a lil' extra bedazzle. (I drank way to much coffee this morning, excuse the awkward-ness)

Paint Splatters

I would paint you the whole world 
In thick paint strokes of vibrant swirls 
I would paint the skies in hues of cotton candy pink, sugars melting in your mouth 
I would paint the sun a cherry red that you could pluck up and bite, juice trickling down your chin 
I would paint the waters sunny yellows to sip on, like sour lemonade in summer days 
The grass and Earth would be thick shades of blue, like your eyes 
Stormy and dark, and misty and deep 
I think of painting for you whenever I sleep

This is by far my favorite poem I've ever written, and it inspired me to write "Paint Splatters". Honestly, I had no inspiration for this. I literally wrote this sitting in the hotel bathroom. Hey, this just goes to show that you can wax poetical wherever the heck you want, man. Just go for it.


I fill the sailboat with buckets of water 
Not enough to make it sink 
Just enough to make it want to sink

My subconscious whispers cruel little things 
Not enough to make me cry 
Just enough to make me want to cry

I imagine what would happen if I stopped 
Not enough to make the pain stop 
Just enough to make it want to stop

I dust those childish thoughts away again 
Not enough to get rid of them 
Just enough to remind myself,

I've become accustomed to the damp

This one isn't my favorite, but the last line is one of my favorite endings, thus landing it a position into my favorites. I guess I was just trying to explain what it felt like to never be drowning, but just to constantly be a damp sort of numb. When nothing's really going right or wrong, but you just feel numb. Or maybe I just accidentally stepped into a puddle. It's up to you to decide.

The Sky was Just Blue

One day I woke up and the sky was just blue 
And I thought it was absolutely stunning that the 
Refraction of light in our sky made such a pretty hue

It is so light and yet it weighs me down enough 
To keep me on this earth with such a bold sky 
Clouds are cotton candy in delicious puffs

The blue, blue sky keeps me here, the atmosphere 
Disappear but you won't see the blue sky 
And the sounds of birds singing is the loveliest thing you'll ever hear

One day I woke up and the sky was just blue 
My sky is blue, not gray, not green, not black 
And I remembered this earth was beautiful and I flew

And every time I am sad and scared and alone 

I say my sky is blue and it is my home.

Now this poem is definitely one of my best. It reads more as a spoken word, but I still love it to death. The inspiration for this was just about appreciating how beautiful the world is. Honestly, the world sucks sometimes, but it's such a marvel that it even exists. Do you even realize how unique and how much of a miracle it is that our sky is just blue? Our world is so amazing that the refraction of light literally creates the prettiest color.

Quirky Little Townhouses

I used to live next to a big city.
I wish I could say it was pretty,
it was nitty-gritty and people had exotic food.
I lived in a sparse little desert of concrete
and dead grass.
It was neither city nor country
Streets of slick sheets
of white, sparkling, snow in the winter.
I miss the snow.
The flakes would drift softly and the
wind would blow, and oh!
We'd drink hot chocolate, burning our tongue in our
quirky little townhouse.
Three stories of pure unusual
That two small kids went to such a small school
We never had a swimming pool,
where the air was cool in our
quirky little townhouse.
I drove by it the other day
on vacation with my family.
Everything looked the same
except we didn't see my family.
We stopped by and appreciated
all the fond memories.
All the sledding and the friends
and riding our bike in the
Church parking lot
(funny story, really, we almost
died, nearly)
How it was never hot
like it is now.
The house is someone else's now
The playground we no longer run
(like a pack of hyenas, might I add
laughing until we fell off of swings)
Sometimes I miss things but
I've moved off of that street, and houses are houses
they are not me.
But I know I miss the snow
and the small school
and kind people
and the city and the
quirky little townhouses.

Another one that reads more like a spoken word poem. This one is about revisiting my childhood home near a city and all that good ol' nostalgia that hit me. This one was just so much fun to write, and I honestly think it's my second favorite out of all of them.

An Angry Ode to Words, or Rhyming is Hard

words, words, words
sometimes you flow through me
other times you swear profusely
more often you stutter and trip and we tumble over foolishly
words, words, words
sometimes you hold great meaning
other times you leave me screaming
more often you just stay inside and I just let you do the thinking
words, words, words
sometimes you're just a whisper
other times a painful --- opposite of whisper (Nothing rhymes with whisper)
Oh my gosh I hate you why did i decide on whisper this is why you suck
words, words, words
I'm not known for gifted wordplay
for always knowing what to say
For writing with great grace and poise
For rhyming with --- yeah, whatever, I'm just going to move on.
But in the end no matter what occurs (WHISPER)
You're still a way to make me heard.

Other times a painful resistor? Mister? WHIMPER! Simper?!
I hate words.

words, words, words

Ok, this one is obviously a joke. I just felt like including it because poetry doesn't always have to be depressing. Also I just like it. Don't judge me, I'm hilarious. I like the beginning. Do I really need to explain what inspired me here? 

So those were my best works of poetry, but I have fourteen poems so far in the collection. Some almost made it to this list, others...well, I'm not really sure why I haven't deleted them yet. My "collection" is really just a random jumble of ideas that I've put together into one little collection. If you've always wanted to try writing poetry, but have been to scared to, just go for it. The first poetry I ever wrote sucked. It will suck at first, but if you keep working at it, eventually you will improve. Insert motivational things here.

Anyways, that's all I have for today.


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My Best Poems

     Hello my freaks and geeks, my name is Ella and I'm secretly a romanic sap who cried when I watched Inside Out. There, now you know....