Monday, July 3, 2017

Your Art is Your Art

     Hello my freaks and geeks, my name is Ella and today we're going to be talking about art. I love to draw. I doodle everywhere. My math notes, brown paper bags, myself; hell, I even doodled on the notes for this post. I love art. I love looking at it, I love making it, I think about it a lot. Most of my hobbies fall into the "Arts" category. Today, for conenience, I'll be referring to drawing as our form of art.
     It kills the essence of everything that art is when people claim they don't make art. Anyone can make art. Examples of art people make:
  • Doodles in your math notes instead of paying attention
  • Collages
  • That 25 page fan fiction you write when you were 12
  • Wearing clothes is an art(And refusing to do so is illegal,so...)
  • That song or poem you wrote at 2AM
  • The scarf you knitted for your Aunt
  • Making dumb, silly voices and faces
  • Making jokes
     Anything YOU make and enjoyed making is art.

     "But Ella, I can only draw stick figures! I'm just not an artist! I'm much more logical,"
     If this is what applies to you, go back and read the previous list. If you can't don't think any of the examples there apply to you (I hope, at least, the clothes one does-unless your a nudist) then we need to look closer.
The definition of art is this:

Art, noun. Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.

     Going off the definition of art, I can prove that both math and science are arts of their own (Technically, going by that definition, taking a crap is art but whatever). After all, how much creativity and imagination invented the first car? To put man on the moon? "How about your cellphone? What about even the very concept of mathematics?
     Anything that humans can imagine or create is art. It doesn't matter whether you draw realism, make collages, or draw cartoons. It doesn't matter whether you rap or sing opera. It doesn't matter if you write about wizards or sexy teenaged vampires. Everything I just listed is art.
     You may not think your an artist, but if you take time to think, really, really think hard- you're already one, because that's all that it requires. The moral of this story is that your art is your art. You've made it, it's your own, and it's beautiful. No one can take that away from you, not even yourself.
     I hope you enjoyed me typing the word "art" roughly about 20 times throughout this post. I hope you'll create something, and make some art, people!


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